Please pray for the team as we prepare to go to Samoa June 27th. Many will be traveling on the 24th. The team members and coordinators are currently hard at work organizing their schedules and needs. To see the mission in action please view the  2015 mission

  • Your prayers, financial support and partnerships allow us to do the work God has called us to do. We are so grateful and thank you for viewing this Blog and the ongoing updates. To help please see the contact info here


We also have been blessed with about a dozen sun-guard dresses that were hand sewn and given to us by one of the YWAM members Tabitha. Reason for Sun Gard… the shoulder straps are wide. Looking forward to showing future pictures when given out and worn by some blessed Samoan girls in need.

  • Current team members are getting commissioned and prayed for at local gatherings and church services, and being encouraged by previous team members

As we team members prepare for the mission we seek prayer partners and team sponsors in many ways. Two of us from Kona Hawaii have been informing our church members and visitors who attend the services and we are getting a wonderful response. Thanks for you too!

the people are waiting for us to come and have their needs met!

Teaching the youth of Samoa is so much a part of the mission and we know God has used the children’s ministry to affect the lives of so many of them. It’s also worth noting the adults have gotten ministered to by witnessing the children learning about Jesus!

The prayer team is one of the most important aspects of this ministry.  Over the 21 years of this ministry’s annual mission we have seen about 60% new and renewed commitments for accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior in their lives.

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Some other important supplies that are given to the Samoan people are BIBLES. They will be used to help the patients, various volunteers, other guests and even government leaders we will encounter to learn and know about the awesome God of the bible that we serve.

A last station before the patient leaves is the Pharmacy. We have been so blessed over the many years to obtain and prescribe much needed medicines that the Government lacks at the local hospitals.

The Wound Care station is so important to help care for the physical needs of the people. Many hands are needed at times and kindness and gentle treatment is always important.

We are fortunate to have a number of Drs. who volunteer their time to examine and treat the many patients of all ages

The Eye glass station is another worthy aspect of determining what prescription is needed to help a persons’ eyesight and then be able to give them new donated reading glasses!

Wheelchairs, walkers, canes, support braces are all necessary items that are freely given


The triage station sees all patients 1st and they will direct the patients to other stations for treatments

It’s hard to believe some of the equipment we see the people still use.

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One of the best purposes of the supplies getting to Samoa is that various health care groups will be able to use them to treat patients they are currently helping. These FREELY given supplies can mean the difference of Life and death and  gives encouragement to the medical personnel to do the work they feel called to do and also be able to followup with the various patients after our team has been able to start treatments.

Rich Wound Care Donations

During one Saturday in March, a group of volunteers in South Carolina sorted and boxed many different donated supplies that would be shipped to the Samoa Islands. The supplies will be used for 5 clinics that may treat some 1,500 people during the mission.

Some of the important Wound Care supplies were sent from various medical supply distributors that were attending a week-long “Wild on Wounds” conference in Las Vegas last September. The medical mission was highlighted to over 400 medical specialists during  the last session, and the distributors of the new state of art equipment and supplies were very willing to help the team obtain some great supplies.

This coming June 27th-July11th our team of about 40 Christian Medical and Evangelistic members of different denominations and from many various states will again have the opportunity to travel to the Samoa Islands to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the people there. This will be our 21st consecutive mission and many of the team are excited to serve again. Some have been on the team for most of the 21 years.  We will also hope to see those we have ministered to during past clinics and look forward to helping as many as we can who will come to us this year.

the GIFT



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  1. Rich Says:

    we are getting excited to go…one more week!

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